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Enquire Now elfast bus tours offer a unique way to see
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Giants Causeway Tours - Join Us On A Tour of the Giant's Causeway

giants causeway tour

The Giant's Causeway is one of the most distinct and popular tourist destinations in Northern Ireland. It is a large area where approximately 40,000 basalt columns are clustered. They rise out of the sea of the Antrim Coast and are one of the most beautiful and natural areas in the country. Surrounded by mystery, history, and rich with natural beauty, it is a sight you don’t want to miss on your visit to Northern Ireland.

Today, the Giant’s Causeway visitor centre attracts more than 600,000 visitors annually. People come to take in the natural and unique beauty of the area. Whether you believe local legends or chalk them up to folklore, the rock formations are a unique natural wonder to behold. The folktales say that the formation was built by an Irish warrior..


... and giantFinn McCool. He is said to have laboured tirelessly over the construction in hopes of bringing his girlfriend from Scotland over to Ireland. Others speculate he used a shovel and pick to create this path across the sea, motivated by the desire to face and eventually beat his rival, Benandonner.

The variations of tales add an interesting story and touch of adventure to tours offered in the area, although science has a different explanation.

Geologists believe that the Causeway was created by an increase in volcanic activity millions of years ago. The rocks have been dated to 50-60 million years ago and their unique look is said to have formed through the heating and cooling process. When molten rock rose through small fissures in the earth’s surface, the uniquely shaped and very distinct lava plateau formed. The lava cooled quickly, contracting and leading to different cooling rates between rocks. These contrasts created the formation of the basalt columns.

The ‘Giant’s Eyes’, seen as circular formations in the causeway, were formed through erosion over time. Less progressed weathering can be identified in rocks by their reddish bands of colour. In addition to these geological wonders, the area is home to rich aquatic ecosystems, with colourful lichen, marine life, birds, and distinct plants.

This beautiful site is now declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, drawing even more visitors to marvel at its distinct landscape each year. If you are planning any tours of Ireland, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see this enchanting sight. Booking a tour is the best way to learn about its history, local significance, and fully appreciate the unique beauty the area has to offer.


Our award-winning, fully-guided bus tour lets you explore the Giant’s Causeway in a day. We pride ourselves in offering fun, educational, and experiential tours to our clients and delight in sharing this natural wonder with visitors to Ireland. Have a read at our tour review page and see what we mean. As a result, we have been awarded the Best Tour Company Worldwide by We are also World Host accredited, making us the perfect hosts to guide you through the Giant’s Causeway.

Make your trip a memorable one by spending a day on our Giant’s Causeway bus tour from Belfast. You will enjoy a comprehensive visit to one of Northern Ireland’s most famous attractions. Don’t stop at reading about the Giant’s Causeway’s rich history; instead let our tour guide provide the facts and figures while you dedicate your energy to taking in its beauty.

Travel to the site in comfort aboard one of our coaches on a guided tour, and let yourself be enchanted by the gorgeous sites, lush beauty of the Irish landscape, and of course, the causeway itself. Don’t worry about checking a map or stopping for directions. We will ensure you see the best spots and get plenty of time to explore the causeway.


Want to see more than the Giant’s Causeway? Our tour intinerary provides plenty of highlights and provides you with a local look at Northern Ireland. We will stop at Carrickfergus Castle, a 12th Century Norman castle that is deemed one of the best preserved in the country.

You will also have the chance to absorb the breathtaking sight of Glens of Antrim, while having time to enjoy the delights and charm of the quaint villages along the way. You will see preserved medieval castles, the French castle where King William III first set foot in Ireland in 1690, learn about local customs, and so much more!

The Giant’s Causeway bus tour is full of exciting sites and rich with historical information. Just a few things you can expect to see along the way include:  
  • Glenarm

    A famous castle known for its abundant salmon fishing, and of course, the haunted mysteries!
  • Carnlough

    Featuring a picturesque harbour and distinctive character.
  • Cushendall

    A 19th Century red curfew house still fully preserved to this day.
  • Ballycastle

    The home to the one and only 400 year-old ‘Oul Lammas Fair’.
  • Carrick a Rede

    See the remarkable rope bridge (and cross at your own risk) to take in stunning views of Rathlin Island.
  • Ballintoy

    A quaint and delightful coastal town with gorgeous harbours and shops.
  • Giant’s Causeway Café

    Stop in for a 30 minute lunch and a rest before venturing out for more.
  • Bushmills Distillery

    Indulge in a wee tipple of the good stuff in their infamous tasting room; it’s all part of the adventure! (we are currently not visiting Bushmills due to corporate issues with the distillery.)
  • Giant’s Causeway

    The main attraction is last but certainly not least on our Belfast to Giant's Causeway bus. Here we will see the magnificent outdoor museum, beautifully maintained gardens, awe inspiring views and breathe in the fresh smell of the sea.

Book One of Our Giant’s Causeway Tours Today

Bus tours start at 9.30am daily, departing from our Belfast tour office. We are also happy to offer complimentary shuttle pickups from your hostel or guesthouse with prior arrangement. To learn more and book this once-in-a-lifetime experience, call us at 0044 2890 915 613 or book your Causeway tour online today.

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Giant Causeway Tour Tripadvisor Reviews

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Some of our recent customer reviews...
Amazing tour! People from the company are very friendly and helpful. The bus driver took us to very beautiful places and explained a bit the history behind each one. I totally recommend !
Marcus L
Trip Advisor

Loved this tour!! Our driver (Marty?) was wonderful, very friendly and knowledgeable and kept everything on schedule and organised. He told us all about the places we were visiting as well as the history and landmarks of the towns we drove through. He also dropped everyone off at their individual stops and hostels on the way home
Lisa Annand

Myself and family went on the Giants Causeway tour with Allen's Tours, it may not be a luxury coach unless you like the 70's but what the coach lacked in modernisation the driver Phil certainly made up for in his humour and wit, he bent over backwards in helping everyone and certainly made for an extremely enjoyable tour
Sunnybees (TripAdvisor)

we had a great tour and enjoyed it very much, Phil knew a lot about different scenere's that we visited of came by, and had some jokes on the way as well. Thanks Phill for a lovely day!
Marja K

The driver made this tour exceptional. His vast knowledge and wonderful stories kept people listening, laughing and enjoying the day. I would highly recommend this tour company.

What we found was a very courteous team of helpful staff who where exactly where they said they would be and when they said they would be. Our guide was funny and genuinely warm for £16 for a full day of visits and commentary you couldn't ask for more. The closest competition wanted £35 for the same tour.
Woking, UK